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Digital Autonomy and the Arts: Anne Gibbons

A discussion on tools, tyranny, and what we can do about it!

I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to discuss Digital Autonomy & The Arts with

. Anne is a courageous cartoonist and an inspiration to those who want to learn to make their mark on the canvas of history. We discuss the unique challenges that impact our lives at the cross-section of digital autonomy and artistic expression. I really appreciated having a discussion with a creative and passionate voice with such a wealth of experience.

Anne Can't Stand


Anne Can't Stand It!
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Special Thanks to Margaret Anna Allice

This discussion wouldn’t have taken place if not for

and I am very thankful for that. Please take the time to watch (and share!) Dr Yeadon’s incredible reading of Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice.

Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass
Mistakes Were NOT Made (Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon)
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