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Cyber Fix Episode 2

Cyber Fix Episode 2

The news roundup for the advanced class and beginners alike

Welcome to the second episode of Cyber Fix a show to provide entertaining and insightful analysis of developments in Cyberspace. This broadcast is for the explicit purpose of supporting the Libre Solutions Network (this project) as a whole.

In Case You Missed It: Episode 1

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Links Discussed:

Data and Government:

No Data Protection, No Democracy
My health information has been stolen. Now what?
A Rising Enforcement of Censorship
Police love Google’s surveillance data. Here’s how to protect yourself.
Cryptographers’ Feedback on the EU Identity Wallet
45 Projects Receiving New NGI Zero Grants

Location Data:

One of the major sellers of detailed driver behavioral data is shutting down
Location Tracker Firm Tile Hit by Data Breach, Hackers Access Internal Tools


Microsoft: New Outlook security changes coming to personal accounts

AI Nonsense:

Maven Imported 1.12 Million Fediverse Posts
Perplexity AI Is Lying about Their User Agent
The AI industry is a grift so big that it's really hard to explain it to people not familiar with the tech industry.
Payoff from AI projects is 'dismal', biz leaders complain
AI Detectors Get It Wrong. Writers Are Being Fired Anyway
OpenAI just hired the guy who was in charge of mass surveillance at the NSA.
Human Brains Can Tell Deepfake Voices From Real Ones


Wells Fargo Fires Employees Over "Mouse Jigglers"

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