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2023 Recap

Be Inspired for 2024!



At the start of 2023 I Launched the Libre Solutions Network peertube instance.

Over 450 views on the PeerTube channel is a great start! I’m sure it would grow a lot faster if I opened registrations but truthfully I don’t really want to be responsible for other people’s accounts! Having a peertube instance that allows follows seems to be a great compromise. Currently, my instance is followed by over 30 other instances.

Fully Voiced Articles

Early in the year, I recorded voiceovers for the entire Tools of the Technocracy series as well as others.


An operation is a blueprint for advancing people’s digital and personal freedom. These are “big picture” plans for how people can advance liberty in their own lives.



Digital Autonomy Series

I’m very grateful that people are interested in having discussions with me about where tech meets their passions.

Full Series

Rounding The Earth

It’s been a pleasure to work closely with

at the . Despite my own rather narrow focus, I think it is critical to appreciate the bigger picture, and Mathew has been working diligently for quite some time to make sense of it in a sharable way.

Rounding the Earth Newsletter
The Bigger Picture - Exercising the Attempt at Cybernetic Modeling
Do not take the title as a declaration that the truths of the universe are all laid out here. Like anyone else, all I can do is gather information and judge how well that information fits various models. I'm doing my best as a systems modeler, and I feel that I've made a few important breakthroughs…
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The Hrvoje Moric Show

I’m a massive fan of Hrvoje’s work. He’s a very skilled interviewer who asks great questions about a wider variety of topics than I can keep up with! You can also get a wide variety of intelligence updates from his Telegram Channel.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Highlights of 2023

The National Citizens Inquiry

The National Citizens Inquiry is a Canadian citizen-led inquiry into the Covid Crisis in Canada. Read the final report here.

Who can tell me the truth? (I+V+I = M)
The National Citizens Inquiry Commissioners Final Report RELEASED. It's your turn now! - Use provided Stickers to show you watched this historical event. I will.
Related articles: Historical event has happened - what’s next ? I watched it live today. I could barely keep my emotions. I made the stickers shown below and I will now proudly wear them on my social media and in my wallet for sharing with others. I will also prepare…
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Liam Sturgess
Strong and Free
Rounding the Earth The following article serves as the show notes for the video presentation of the same name released through the Rounding the News series, presented by Rounding the Earth. It is provided to allow RTE listeners to verify my sources and conduct their own due diligence, and is intended as a supplement to the video. As such, I highly encour…
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Protocol Wars

Liberty-minded individuals need to redouble our efforts to support open and interoperable protocols. Take a look at Alex’s mostr to fediverse bridge

Don’t let your memes be dreams. Let’s work together to create the future that we believe in.

Alex Gleason

Cyberwars & Rumors of Cyberwars

Items of Interest

Substack Roundup

Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass
Mistakes Were NOT Made (Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon)
Listen now
Resisting the Intellectual Illiteratti
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cooking Data for Aspiring Propagandists
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Liam Sturgess
My 2023 in review
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2024! While 2023 had its share of ups and downs, I feel it was primarily defined by a process of planting seeds that will come to fruition this year. Many hard fought battles will reach their conclusion—some ending in success, and others calling for new approaches. Speaking for myself, the process has made me stronger an…
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PeerTube Roundup

Blender 4.0 Reel

Facial Recognition Defense / Flaws

This Threat to Free Software is Worse than I Thought…

Tech Freedom Memes

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December 30, 2023
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