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2022 Recap

How a movement is destroyed from within

Social Media: Learning the right lessons

November Recap

The Rise of a SkyNet Workforce

The False Awakening

October recap

Tools of the Technocracy: #10 Central Bank Digital Currencies


The failure of intelligence

Principle: Hardware matters

September Recap

Programmable currency

Redefining "high places"

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #7 Your website

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #6 Censorship avoidance

Tools of the Technocracy: #9 Internet Shutdowns

Digital ID: The basics

August Recap

Tools of the Technocracy: #8 Transhumanism

Video: Tracking links

Tools of the Technocracy: #7 Smart Cities

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #5 Self-hosting

The road to hell: misplaced optimism in the blockchain space

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #4 Communications


Is the internet safe for children?

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #3 The world wide web

Anatomy of a Psyop

IoT: The "Eye on thee"

Reclaiming Territory in Cyberspace: #2 OS fundamentals

Reclaiming territory in cyberspace: #1 Hardware basics

Reclaiming territory in cyberspace

Tools of the Technocracy: #6 Virtual Reality

Chewtoys: The alchemy of mastering mass anger

Tools of the Technocracy: #5 Networks

Beware the false saviors

Tools of the Technocracy: #4 Online Identity

Information Warfare Super-weapons

Tools of the Technocracy: #3 Robots, IoT, Automation, Oh my!

Call to Action: Join the Fediverse now!

Tools of the Technocracy: #2 Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Tools of the Technocracy: #1 Digital Currency

Tools of the Technocracy

The most valuable asset for the coming decade