I was there for one day as well, drove up from Montreal to spend a day. It was definitely an amazing experience, but I cannot say 'it was fun', or 'I enjoyed it'. While I was thrilled to see such large numbers of people there, the hero truckers, the thousands of others who stood on overpasses or highways in their own hometowns as the convoy went by, I was nevertheless dismayed and distressed beyond words at how many of my fellow Canadians supported the mandates, supported Trudeau and all those policies, expressed to me personally hate-filled words towards the truckers and "the unvaccinated". Yes there are many wonderful brave courageous Canadians, but on balance I feel so utterly disheartened by this country it's difficult (impossible) for me to be happy to be a Canadian.

In any case, wrt Mighty Machines, it was pretty incredible to walk along the street in between the two rows where all the big rigs were parked -physically a tremendously overpowering show of force. I am grateful I got to be part of history if nothing else.

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Thank you, Gabe! Happy Canada Day, my friend :)

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Not sure what the holiday is (ignorant 'murican here) but have a happy one, and here's a few more of your fellow Canadian substacks




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This is a magnificent tribute, Gabriel. I'd add to those Canadians Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung: https://matthewehret.substack.com/ and https://cynthiachung.substack.com/. I'm not always in agreement (and will be arguing Matt's economic history of Hamilton shortly) but they're both brilliant historians and independent thinkers.

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Very nice montage Gabriel ! Enjoy this blessed day my friend and thank you for the kind mention.

Just my personal opinion, but I think we ought to do more to bring God back into country. A lot of what ails her is due to the exclusion of the Church and Judaeo-Christian values.

God bless.

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Great use of the Gallery function in substack!!!

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Happy Canada Day, Gabriel! And wow, what a phenomenal experience to have participated in such a historic event!

ICYMI, here are a couple of pieces I wrote during that period:

• “Letter to Justin Trudeau” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-justin-trudeau)

• “Profiles in Courage: The Canadian Truckers” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-the-canadian)

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not sure if Jessica Rose is Canadian, she frequently writes about the country…


& Matthew Alfred…


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