“The internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.”
Let us hope this is still true.

Our mission

To educate everyone how to free themselves from dragnet surveillance and information control.


  1. Encourage people to improve their digital privacy & security

  2. Educate people on effective solutions to today's digital challenges

  3. Connect people interested in liberty online to make change

  4. Investigate new ways to expand human freedom in cyberspace

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Libre Solutions Network
Tools of the Technocracy
Our darkest hour We are currently in a time like none other in all of human history. In the past, tyrants and dictators had a hard limit on how far they could push people. From either logistical diffic…
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Libre Solutions Network
Subscriber Course: Reclaiming territory in cyberspace
Humanity has lost cyberspace to corporations, corruption, and algorithmic control. It is of utmost importance that we increase people’s general technological understanding. We can all build a human…
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