I fundamentally agree with the trajectory of your essay. Never has there been a time when we needed to question everything and develop healthy skepticism. The current totalitarianism outdoes previous efforts only as a matter of scale. Totalitarianism has always been the price we pay for the “civilized” safety offered by civilizations. Although there are plenty of inspired examples - those who saw the lies we tell ourselves and tried to curtail the relentless move toward centralized power - they all failed. I believe there are answers deep within our genetic and anthropological history - lessons we may not wish to know,or understand. But the price for not knowing is repeating the effects of the initial lies Ad infinitum.

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Gabe, my favourite so far. You’re such a great thinker and communicator. Sharing far and wide.

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Terrific article. When I get some space in posting schedule, I will share to facebook groups!

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"STOP!" Best advice ever.

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This is an awesome article. I've written one on Individual Sovereignty and how it may be a good answer to this Globalist problem.

It seems we all have a choice to make: Do we want to live in a Compulsory Collective Society or do we want a Voluntary Cooperative one? By " Cooperative" I don't mean communist, I mean decentralized and everyone is acknowledged to be fully sovereign.

In order to begin to get there, the current hierarchical system, which is fake anyway needs to be abolished by individually nullifying it.

My definition for Sovereignty is that there is nobody above you and nobody below you. True kingship is not to revel in physical wealth or power, but to be responsible to those who trust you, to view others with the respect as if they are extension of your own soul.

These Criminal Parasites have been committing a crime against the Truth. This is an age where avarice has been exalted into a world tower of Control. Just like a tower of Babel, it's time to pull some stones out from below it and watch it fall.

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Excellent summary. Thankyou!

These death cultists agenda is far worse than most people can imagine. THEIR expendable hydra hands are being forced. I am hopeful that the MFM evidence model will continue to insanely push the demented buttons of the vacinnated (see my article on the myelin sheath vax relationship- https://justindaws.substack.com/p/the-behavioral-changes-are-not-in

I know that the keyboard warriors are not prepared at all for the necessary chaos that this push will provoke. Brains will be exploding on both sides as neither sides understand much of this at all, and the death cultists will be thoroughly entertained and might actually run out of popcorn. ( opportunity knocks for you debt slavery supporting marketing tools)

Once this final nationwide distraction strategy of internal strife, tribal and blame killings are underway they will implement the last phase of brainwashing In the form of a miltarised faceless, technologically vastly superior faceless and almost alien in presentation ' we are here to save the day ' performance. These faceless saviours will stop the strife with Marshall Law and people will be so happy to accept any directive. ( Social credit system and ANY sort of order will be welcomed with years and religious like fervour) This new army will sort out the last phase of dissident control/ killings in short order.

Just one theory.

The other ones are not as nice but a bit more likely given that the agenda of psychpaths in death cults has been death to everyone including themselves, because they hate humanity and hate being human more. In this scenario the immortality destruction/ goal is replaced with kill everyone, everything including your psychopathic brethren, then kill themselves.

Or they choose to take a chance and hop in one of musk's limited seating space X-it flights to Mars or space junk land.

My happier tales are just not believable- to me

Happy psycho hunting. These pathetic creatures would hate it if-

1. We overcame all fear and trusted each other.

2. We give up debt slavery -on mass- immediately.

3. We did nothing but make and project humorous satires of THEIR patheticly sad existence

4.We ignored them and just enjoyed our final sunsets in a state of peace and enlightenment.

5. We stopped trying to wake up the soon to be angry and violent dementia patients and left them to enjoy their last days ignorant of the horrors ahead.

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Thanks Gabe, very well thought out. There is another hope too - the inner one.

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You make valid points, but at the end of the day, there are none. Why not? Because the demoralization of westernized civilization, and without spending the time to go into why western civilization, has been thorough and complete.

They say that it will take at least two generations to "re-course/re-track" itself, but that's with proper moral guidance, and that's nowhere on the horizon.

What IS on the horizon, not only on the horizon, but now growing to be ubiquitous in western civilization, is the polar opposite, again, without going into details. People either get it or they don't at this point.

The other problem is that the technology is in the hands of the latter, and they would never allow such a "re-moralization" to take place. They'll kill and conduct genocide first. ... AHEM!!!

I'm convinced that the masses, including the NWO religionists, not a small percentage, the slowest of the slow to see when they've been duped, and even the vast majority of "the awake" that participate in the validation of a charade that is entirely, as in 100%, complete Bullshit, won't even bother to think that we're on a dead-end course until that boot is firmly on their face. No need to go into the details there. Anyone not getting that at this point is useless for any "solutions" anyway.

The boot on the face may not be a violent boot. It may simply be them not being able to buy what they want to buy, go where they want to go, etc. i.e., the life of ease and comfort to be disrupted. THEN they'll start getting really upset.

Far too many, again, even of "the awake," thinking that this is merely yet another political and/or economic cycle that will work it's way out via "future (s)elections." I simply cannot laugh hard enough at that notion. Yes, really.

The irony is that some of the biggest complainers are also the biggest beneficiaries in this "Company Store" (Company Bank, Company Corporate Structure, Company Currency, Company Medical System, Company "JUSTICE" System, Company "Education" (indoctrination) System, etc., and have done very well in the material sense off of it all. Particularly those in Banking/Finance, Medical, Politics, etc. Most others did well, but were also overpaid largely as well generally speaking.

In order for something to change, permanently, that entire SYSTEM has to be renounced. But I've noticed, particularly among "the awake," that they're not willing to sacrifice their ill-gotten gains and material wealth, which Jesus referred to as mammon, in order to be freed of their bonds as such.

They are the ones with the greatest power and ability to help overturn this beast, but they won't because they want their filthy lucre. Likely even people reading this.

THAT'S why there is no solution, because almost none of us here in "... the home of the brave," want to make the actual sacrifices required to actually liberate ourselves. Granted, much of it comes out of ignorance, but then much of it comes out of ignorance, which is the foundation for the same result(s).

From a sky view, the perspective of watching this all unfold in terms of human nature is fascinating.

Luke 18:8 Will he? I'm thinking not very much.

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