>Cooperation is at a premium these days, so there is much to gain from sharing with others. Building a robust safety-net for those ejected from the social credit system is a pre-requisite for mass resistance.

This is important as it can be one thing that can be built upon now. We don’t have to wait until we become ostracized.

Here’s a question I have: for all of us that already have one foot on the exit ramp and are using bitcoin for exchange and store of value, does it matter if CBDCs (which seem inevitable at this point) are even around? Would it restrict our actions and movements? It seems like it will create a large black market where goods and services will be able to be exchanged while CBDCs will keep experiencing resistance and pushback which will grow as the normies become disgruntled. So let them have it and just wait it out because it’s doomed to fail?

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Absolutely! Earlier the start the better.

RE: CBDCs & Bitcoin.

Depending on how they go about it, a CBDC could be used to essentially seize assets through obscene taxes and other penalties. Personally I think the best case scenario is that most people are willing to exchange a variety of assets so the technocrats are forced into an "all or nothing" gambit.

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That kind of pressure will just get a mob response, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t the technocrats shoot themselves in the foot if they exert so many penalties and obscene tax that it finally boils the pot over?

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Great article. Should be read by everyone. I had not what you say about corporate dc's before - another way to enslave us. I am fan of Chris Martneson too.

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