Writing during the Third World War or Fourth Industrial Revolution or Fourth Reich has a multiplicity of challenges.

Many many Trojan horses and limited hangouts everywhere .

I have never trusted the Musketeer. I don’t “trust” SS but then I am not in the habit of needing to trust corporations. I like what SS has accomplished so far but trust is too great a stretch. Maintain perspective. So far, so good.

Great post - remain vigilant and protect your work.

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I have some sympathy for Elon in business terms, basically not allowing free adverts for competitors makes business sense, especially when twitter is far from making a profit. I do think Notes is an attack on other's territory, and I worry that Substack might get broken by trying to change into something it was not. For me, the appeal of Substack was that it was about long form communications. One of the main reasons I started writing on substack, was to back up posts I had written on facebook, which would vanish if anything ever happened to my fb account. Sad that I now need to back-up my stacks!!! On publishing own blog, are things like wordpress or squarespace "safe", or is there any evidence of them having pressure to put or of them censoring whole websites?

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Gabe, thank you for your ongoing efforts to educate & encourage. People have become so lazy & cheap that many seek the “free & easy” solutions which are ultimately a questionable, if not outright bad, option. Keep teaching!

Over the years I have tried to motivate people to move to Linux / FOSS community, but there they find different conditions: (truly) FREE BUT EFFORTFUL! No financial cost, but there is effort involved in learning & trying different software. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my new HP ultralight to “awake from sleep/suspend” with Mint. Ultimately I want to run Qubes but have more to learn.

And the real effort comes from those who volunteer their time updating and auditing FOSS apps/programs (still can’t get used to calling everything “apps”) ... as well as people like you who seek to reorient the masses.

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Musk has replied to a thread by Bret Weinstein / Matt Tiabbi

"1. Substack links were never blocked. Matt’s statement is false.

2. Substack was trying to download a massive portion of the Twitter database to bootstrap their Twitter clone, so their IP address is obviously untrusted.

3. Turns out Matt is/was an employee of Substack.

10:49 am · 8 Apr 2023




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I'm kinda pissed the ADL didn't list me. I would have loved to sue them for defamation.

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What did these twits think was going to happen?

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