Nice work Gabriel! Digital ID is their glue to hold it all together.

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The more they squeeze, the more people lift up the blind fold. Action-reaction.

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Frightening. I hope you will continue to provide solutions and work arounds to this.

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This is my first comment on your substack, Gabriel. Thanks for all your work and effort.

Although I have much to say about these developments, much of it I'm sure unacceptable by the standards of modern techno-zealotry, I would first like to ask if you have read this insightful piece from Paul Kingsnorth?

The Universal : Four Questions Concerning The Internet, part one


It brings me back to the cautious warnings from the likes of Neil Postman, Theodore Rozsak, Lewis Mumford, Wendell Berry and other neo-luddite Cassandras back before all this cybernetic shit was "rolled out".

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Digital ID is needed to completely carve out anonymity. I can see how “leaks” could be a push for more “cybersecurity”. Perhaps future well planned mass “cyber attack” is necessary to catalyze full digital transformation. Of course... the ID is “for your safety” . I’ve noticed more “cybersecurity” adds being pushed in media than usual, and many state governments such as NYS have “cybersecurity task forces”. But all of this is a conspiracy theory.

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Yes, this is the issue I asked you about a few weeks ago. The legislation is about “protect the children” but actually it is “monitor & control the serfs.”

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Just another distraction for us from taking control of our own non- virtual lives with real people in person. THEY have the baces covered and can click any nazi switch anytime they want.

I'm still not sure why we are not locked up in work camps (death (COVID) camps. In these camps in Australia they have installed PVC tubing going into each room that has no apparent purpose ... My vaxxed friends and family would have been righteously stoked about that very real possibility that I would be put away or anaestised.

Where will THEY get THEIR ideas from if they kill all the creative dissidents... No, they will keep the best of us. The creative, adaptable survivors.

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You have done an excellent job describing this problem. It is of course, a global one.

The Technocracy is a whole control organ for the Elite Criminal Cabal, it exists as a complete network. Coordinated between multiple criminal syndicates; Corporate syndicate, (private corporate and government are part of the same) Currency syndicate (banks and treasuries of countries)

We will need to get local and reinvent ourselves, Viking style.

Growing your own food, bartering with each other. Exchanging goods and services. Etc...

We can use VPN's, and block chain systems for website security. At the end of the day, we can use old style archiving of the information currently available to us on the internet now.

I currently print out important information, especially for preserving history; later on, these Parasites won't be teaching lies in the education systems of the future. There are many other strategies that can be employed to by pass the centralized control they want to make.

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