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GREAT discussion, I listened while on the road yesterday. Keep getting the word out, my friend! Being able to locate, store, & distribute information is crucial for TRUTH to get out! Of course TRUTH is why I started writing as well.

It’s good getting caught up on the tech side a bit. I am so old, I learned FORTRAN as an engineering undergrad! Punched cards & everything. I do remember the compsci geeks used the terminals, but mostly one could see students carrying huge stacks of cards wrapped in a tractor feed green/white printout. Ahhh, nothing like dropping your deck into the reader, and waiting a few minutes for the mainframe to run your program & your printout to appear. I seem to remember guys having a job taking the printouts & folding the top back so it displayed the programmer’s name on the outside. There were always many students running, reading, editing cards, running again, and awaiting printout.

All written on a phone with far more computational power than the mainframe! I stayed current through DOS 5.0 (roughly 30 years ago) then drifted away as I didn’t think much of “point & click” with the terrible early Windows 3.1 I think it was!

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