Excellent, very insightful, inspiring and pro-human. My favourite article of yours so far. I will restack and share some quotes to Notes later.

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We need to find out humour and joy once again. The people have been psychologically abused for so long, they’ve forgotten what it was like to be happy.

I love this article and will be sharing it a few places. Thanks, Gabe.

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May 19, 2023Liked by Gabriel

This is excellent and beautifully written. But I am wonder why you say that there will only be puppets in an advanced state. Could you enlarge on that?

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Indeed, excellent and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this, profound insights articulated very clearly and elegantly.

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Did you know that the "book" the Wizard of Oz was written in code about the dangers of the Federal Reserve that was being planned ?

The Wizard of Oz is a cleverly disguised political treatise railing against American monetary policy in the late-19th century. From what I found, back in the years prior to the Federal Reserve Act being signed, it had become very dangerous to speak out against it. The excuse for the Fed was the mini depression they created in the early 1900's that most folks have never heard of.” The introduction of the gold standard in the United States remained a highly contested political issue throughout Baum’s lifetime, eliminating the previous use of silver as a fiduciary backing metal, increasing reliance upon paper money, and causing massive deflation. This transition caused particular economic harm and provoked the greatest backlash from farmers, with falling prices and an inability to repay rising mortgage costs leading to repossessed farms fanning the flames of Populist politics during Baum’s formative and younger years.”

In the book the wicked witch of the East and West represented the banks, the Cowardly lion represented a politician that was speaking out against the Fed but lost his courage to do so. The tinman represented the very powerful steel workers that had no heart to fight against it, the scarecrow represented the farmers that held huge political power back then but didn't have the brain power to figure it all out. The fragmented Yellow Brick Road leading to the Emerald City – itself the color of America’s new paper money – symbolizes the dangerous path the gold standard places the United States upon, that its future will invariably be connected to the illusory value of said paper money; as Baum writes in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” the bricks were “very uneven”, sometimes “broken or missing altogether”. And Dorthy's slippers in the book were “silver” not ruby representing the silver standard. It should also be noted that the very fictional land of “Oz” itself is an abbreviation for ounce, the measure of gold and silver by weight. There was also the pumpkin head, not in the movie, he was the egghead “intelligentsia” professional professor of whatever and think tank monkeys. They're the ones that make the irrational seem rational to the masses, and destroy university students minds and morals.

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Very true, I agree with your thought process there, Gabriel.

What gives a person great power ?? The control of money, it gives them control of government, media and in turn the minds of the people. Look no further than to who controls the money and there is the root of our "cultural war". What you see put forth by the media and government is like going to a magic show. When the magician tells you to look over here, the trick is going on somewhere else. The real power structure is not concerned with money. Money is meaningless to them at this point it is all about power and control.

As you well know, they’re bringing CBDC in piecemeal. They want it entirely “in place” by 2030. Thing is, if they had simply bided their time, they COULD HAVE converted us to entirely digital money simply by making sure brick & mortar stores closed and we'd have to do our shopping online. You can't use physical cash online - you pay digitally with credit or debit or direct withdrawal from your bank account.

Seems to me they have become impatient for their "takeover" of the world and now they're pushing. Plus, they see that many of the citizens are "catching on" to the coming takeover and are starting to fight back on the agenda - ESPECIALLY with what they're trying to do to our children (transing & sex-trafficking & sexualizing).

They have disarmed most of the world's population. They're working on starving out a group. Sterilizing groups. Killing off others through war. There are a variety of ways they are reducing the population to a "manageable" number for them to control with an AI/robot policing force.

How do we stop it ? We just say no !

The reason that I always say that the only way we will ever win lasting freedom is to win the information war the reason people will not say no, is because they don't "know" that they can.

There is one part where we do have the power to to stop it. In our numbers it certainly does matter how many wake up. Because our participation is required in all of this. If enough people say no there is not a damn thing they can do to stop that. 25% is all we need. Then it will snow ball the 100'th Monkey theory will kick in.

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An interesting line of thought Gabriel. Very lineal, logical with a practical, positive small community outcome if implemented correctly.

Humanity, the human mould, or whatever it's called, does not seem to be able to scale well in any way.

I note you speak truly of government and power and currency( in a way that it is commonly interpreted by normies) as a form of power and illusion that controls the masses.

Could you please define and expand this to include freemasons' and the masonic code and the effects of its infiltration into every part of the public and private sector globally, and into the families of small business and small social media influencers?

Blaming ' government' and absolute power is a distracton from the root cause of our problem which is an individual's choice to lie and discard their principles, family or soul through weakness, fear, corruption, blackmail etc. I note your article does mention some of this. Did you get chatGTP to write it?

My questions are genuine and not meant to cause any offence, unless you are a freemason.

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The choice we must be able to make with clarity is: Do we want to live in a society based on Compulsory Collectivism? or Do we want to live in a Voluntarily Cooperative one?

Collaboration forms Naturally Positive Groups and Coalitions.

Groups are there for anyone to freely associate with; there are positive things that can be done through groups too. The freedom movement that is making progress now to fix the Covid Tyranny; for example, is a group of individualist, spiritualist and professionals from many varying backgrounds. We all care about what type of world our children will be living in so, we all have the presence of mind to correct the course. The freedom movement is a natural and spontaneous action of human consciousness. The goal of every living being, is to seek liberation. The natural longing of all life is be FREE. Each Individual is equally Sovereign.

Clear Sight and Spiritual Evolution, can leave the effects of Consciousness etched on Society. The natural form of that society will be Decentralized.

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You wrote:

"It’s ironic to talk about the raw power of money these days. Odds are if you’re reading this you’re used to using a fiat currency which is to say a currency backed by “faith and credit” of your government. This is not the same as saying it’s backed by nothing. Far from it, any currency is a de-facto measurement of the amount of raw power wielded by it’s participants. That power can be used for good or evil. Every person proportional to the currency they wield makes a real tangible impact on the use of that currency."

What is even more ironic is that the fiat currency is actually backed through securities:

Birth Certificate Trust / Bond

Individual Surety Bond

International Bills of Exchange

International Promissory Notes

'Cestui Que Vie' birth certificate trust, seems to be a form of collateral for the Federal Reserve Inc, and is "held" by Cede & Co. (DTC) Owners of Cede somehow own your record of birth as this "security" through an Allodial instrument. That's what the full faith in credit of the US Treasury is; since at this point I'm sure nobody really has "faith" in it.

I'm still trying to really figure this thing out, my goal is to find a way to nullify it or gain access to the same level of control over it that the "Multinational Billionaires" do.

So I suppose that it is true that the treasure of a nation is quite literally the people.

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