Thanks for explaining all this, Gabriel, I haven't understood these terms. And it's timely for me because my hosting service has now changed the SSL for my emails (again!) so it either doesn't recognize my password (if I change to the vague 'hostingplatform.com' address) or it stopped receiving on one and stopped sending on the other.

Rather than trying to solve this, I'm taking it as another reason to dump Network Solutions. And it's been a relief to check the Substack app on my terms rather than being a rat responding to the ding.

But I feel like I'm heading in the opposite direction. Rather than having private conversations seen by 4 eyes, I'm putting them out for 4000 eyes to see. An experiment in fearlessness and full disclosure so there's nothing I'm protecting. I'm not recommending that, just where I've landed in the complexity of all this.

I've been trying to figure out Session for a conversation with an encryption-savvy friend. After finally solving his word puzzles to get his ID, I could retrieve some messages that linked articles I'd already seen and public messages with files I already knew (on Malone) or thought were propaganda (on Yeadon). It won't let me send without unblocking him (which I didn't knowingly do and don't know how to undo). It feels very spy vs. spy for no good reason. But it could be Malone's spy-goons already intercepted that convo and blocked him, since it's one I made Malone aware of back when I thought he was on the level.

And do I want to be the holder of incriminating data that someone doesn't want to get out? It feels like the safest route is to publish immediately, as speculation or unconfirmed clues. Then it's in the public domain and other people can comment and figure out if it's likely true or not. I don't know.

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Wow, this looks like an amazing monumental piece Gabriel. It is high up on my "To Read & Contemplate" list.

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Why not both? 😜 using both pseudo anonymity and my real voice has been a good way to get info out, especially when I feel like my real voice won’t be heard based on my public persona history.

But here’s the real rub for me: my mental bandwidth is stretched so thin. I can either figure out the whole secretive thing or I can keep trying to write, parent, work, edit videos and go camping once in a while. Not sure I have it in me right now but it’s on a wish list.

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I need to read up on this more. There is no denying that anonymity has its value. There is a reason we go into voting booths. The writers of Turtles all the Way Down chose to be anonymous despite writing something based entirely on studies accepted by science.

There are times I regress using my real name on Substack. I wanted people to know I was a real person and so figured that took precedent. But there is a reason people don't talk politics, or religion at parties. (Now that seemingly has expanded into medicine as well) It can lead to escalated stakes quickly with how we see one another. These are important topics it be nice to be able to discuss them without worrying about getting 'cancelled' by friends or family who happen to be subscribed to an opposing ideology.

Will need to revisit this and read up on the the brief overview of the tools provided here.

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