Great post, Gabriel, and I especially liked this phrase, "The opposite exists as well too, it’s possible for emancipatory technology to be developed that’s useful to people generally, but fundamentally useless for anyone seeking power over others." That's the key to the 'Too Small to Fail' economic systems I'm designing. How can they be designed so that good ideas can proliferate, but harms done are contained and fixable? It's not an easy question but one we need to be discussing, and on which I have some strong ideas as a starting point.

The technology problems would be moot if we had economic sovereignty, but how can we bring that about if we don't have the ability to plan and talk freely? They both go hand-in-hand.

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Love the helpful, practical content alongside the concepts you lay out. The issue as I see it is that people are addicted, their dopamine pathway has been hijacked by the blue light and design of the phone. https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/the-1-emf-youve-forgotten-about

Once people understand how much their children are being hurt by these devices, the tide will turn. Horses and the EMF devices they used at Churchill Downs have already raised eyebrows.

If you're running a basic VPN like Nord, does changing the DNS pathway add any extra security?

Thank you Gabriel for everything you do.

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just wanted to say 'hi' and a big TQ for your substack articles (HT to Gary Sharpe, whose work brought me here). part of the problem is that most of us ('The People') don't quite understand the basics of those new technologies, mainly because it's very technical and we don't even understand the words used to describe it, let alone its manifold consequences. speaking for myself, I tend to take the cowardly way out: once I don't understand how a gadget, aka new technology works, I shy away and won't use it. thus no microwave oven in my kitchen, no smart/iPhone, groceries from the fresh market only (including the conversations one can have there!), while the sturdyish desktop computer is mostly used as a glorified typewriter with news-bringing capabilities. will be following your work :-))

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Superb and very clearly articulated article on how "convenient" technology can be used against us, dangers on the horizon, plus pragmatic tools to protect ourselves.

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