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Digital Autonomy and the Arts

Featuring Liam Sturgess

This conversation is a follow-up to a piece written last year

Art is the expression of the human soul, with it’s value being largely in the eye of the beholder. Corporations and governments can imitate art, or mass produce it with financial advantages, but they can’t compete with genuine creativity borne from real passion and real experiences. Tyranny isn’t beautiful, and slavery isn’t inspiring. When given a choice, people will naturally choose the free and beautiful over the rigid and stagnant. As freedom loving people it is absolutely vital for us to encourage, support and fund ventures to provide people the opportunity to enjoy pro-human media and creative works.

Artists are craving for a way for their work to be properly supported. Many artists are disillusioned by not being able to make it in large corporate spaces. If we truly desire a culture that protects freedom we must work to provide the space for artists to promote this culture. Working together we can support artists who care deeply about building a better world. This will create real cultural capital that can upend the systems that undermine our liberty. With truth on our side, there can be no limit to the heights of our imagination.

Information Warfare Super Weapons

This was a lot of fun, and if you’re deeply passionate about a particular aspect of the fight for greater freedom in our lives, let me know!
I would be more than happy to feature more people doing great work these days.

Make sure to follow Liam’s Excellent work!

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Libre Solutions Network
Liam Sturgess